Thursday, July 19, 2012

“Inter-faith harmony in curriculum” letter published in the Daily Mail on January 02, 2009 (Feedback)

The respect for the religion in the textbooks of Pakistan has prompted Professor Anjum James Paul, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Teachers' Association (PMTA) to write 'inter-faith Harmony in Curriculum' (Dawn, Dec 24), in which has raised concerns about the writing of the textbooks and is of the view that these textbooks are being written in violation of the articles of Constitution of Pakistan, 1973, UDHR, United Nations Convention of Civil and Political Rights, International Convention on the Child Rights and the criteria of UNESCO. He maintains that the textbooks in Pakistan are being written according to the recommended education policy that they must be prepared according to the ideology of pioneer of Pakistan that he presented on August 11, 1947 and in November 1947 to the participants of educational conference. According to him PMTA published a White Paper on education of Pakistan in 2007. This is a document which debates religious bias, general standard of the textbooks and educational policies in Pakistan, Religious bias against Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroasters and Jews in 52 textbooks has been identified in the subjects of civics, ethics, English, Islamic Studies, Social Studies and Urdu along with recommendations. He has also criticized Punjab and Sindh Textbooks Boards for publishing textbooks in violation of fundamental rights of the students of minorities of Pakistan and claims that voice of religious minorities is not being heard. Professor Anjum has done a blunder by taking up case for the minorities who are not part of Pakistani population in referred 'White Paper on Education in Pakistan', as there are no Jews and Zoroasters in Pakistan Professors Anjum should not forget that Islamic Republic of Pakistan was created on the basis of Pakistan Resolution of March 23, 1940, which emphasized that a country is to be created, in which the Muslims could lead their lives in accordance with the tenants of Islam. Since curriculum is an important tool through which social structure of masses can be framed in accordance to an ideology, our education policy has to be framed within the parameters of Ideology of Pakistan. Objections framed by Professor Anjum can be sustained if information in the text books is concocted or false. But what all is written regarding the other religious groups, whether Hindus, Christians, Jews or Sikhs has direct relation with the history of Muslim evolution. Presently, the Constitution of Pakistan has taken good care of the rights of the minorities and they are not only encouraged to establish their own educational institutions but are being given over and above their share.
Alina Javed

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